The Cincinnati Color Palooza is the combination of a Spanish Tomato Fight, Big Bird’s Birthday Party and Woodstock! The Palooza is a three mile course where an intense cornucopia of color will rain down on you and your friends. Whether you walk, run, cartwheel or bunny hop through the course, you will end up looking like you got in a fight with a rainbow…and lost!

At the end of your journey, prepare to transform your friends into a work of art at a music rock’in color-fest as you paint the sky with your own packet of color at the Palooza Countdown.

After you have completed the Palooza’s extreme course of color, your definition of insane fun will be altered for eternity, your view on life will be extremely optimistic, your cheeks will ache for days from the smiling and you will once again believe in unicorns. Prepare for the craziest celebration of life the planet has ever seen!

There are times in your life when you just can’t help but smile. This will be one of them!

color burst