When: 10:00 am, Saturday, June 29th

Where: Downtown Cincinnati
Corner of Race St. & West Freedom Way

Packet Pick-up

*Two weeks before the event, you will be emailed your ticket.  Bring your ticket along with your ID to packet pickup.

Friday, June 28th   10 am – 8 pm

Holy Grail Bar & Restaurant
161 Joe Nuxhall Way,
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Map it.

Saturday, June 29th 8 am – 9:50 am

Start Line
The corner of Rosa Park St. & W. Freedom Way
Map it.


To pick up a friends’ packet have them sign the Packet Pick Up form and attach a copy of their ID.
Children do not need to sign this form, but their guardians do.  Download Packet Pick Up Form.

Children’s Waiver

Minors under the age of 18 are required to have their parents/legal guardian sign this waiver and bring it with them the day of the event or to packet pick up in order to participate in the event.  DOWNLOAD.
Are you registered?
If you received an email confirmation from us, then you are registered. CLICK HERE to check.  We need to email you a ticket to enter.  Tickets will be emailed two weeks before the event.

Were any rainbows harmed in the creation of the color that we throw?
No. Not a single rainbow was harmed in creating the color. The material is non-toxic, non-rash-inducing, editable, colored corn-starch.

Does it hurt when I get hit by the color?

It feels (and looks like) you got sneezed on by a smurf.

Can my kid run for free?
If you have a child that is 7 years old or younger, they get to get their color on for free! Yahoo! They will not receive any of the swag that registrants get, but we want them there to make us smile! Children 7 and under do not need to register, however parents need to sign a waiver the day of the event or at packet pick up for their child.

What if I am just not a runner?
Perfect! The Color Palooza celebrates life! If you have the ability to smile, then come get your color on! You will find PURPLE grandparents holding hands with their grand kids walking beside PINK college students in love! This day is about sharing your color and a smile.

Why form a team?
Smiling is the natural byproduct of drenching your friends in handfuls of colorful powder. Teams are made up of four or more people. There is no relay part to the course, so you can finish together and disappear like a color ninja in a cloud of rainbow smoke at the finish line.

Does The Color Palooza have a charity partner?
Yes, apart from celebrating life with creating smiles, memories and good times, we help participants raise funds for the Susan G. Komen Greater Cincinnati Affiliate.  Participants can create a fundraising page to do the most colorful thing they have ever done to help fight breast cancer. Fifty cents of every registration is donated to the Susan G. Komen Greater Cincinnati Affiliate.  The Cincinnati Color Palooza is produced by Life Learning Devices, LLC, a for profit motivational event production company.

What comes with my Color Palooza registration?
Runners will receive a custom Color Palooza t-shirt, a bag of color when they cross the finish line, race number and a donation to the Susan G. Komen Greater Cincinnati Affiliate.

Can I bring my dog or pet?
Unfortunately we are not permitted to allow animals to get all rainbowed up.

Where is packet pick up?
A week before the event we will let you know where to pick up your gear. This will help avoid a line the day of. The exact details of this depend on each city. These packet pick up details are posted to the city race page during the week of the race.

How old do registered participants have to be?
To fully register for this day of rainbow splashing fun, participants must be 8 years old. A fully registered runner receives a bib, a packet of color and a t-shirt.

Can someone else pick up my packet for me?
If they bring with them a signed waiver by you, then yes, they can pick up your Color Palooza gear.

Do I have to wear white?
Yes, the white will really make your color pop!

Will it hurt getting my color on?
Imagine if a smurf sneezed on your arm! Not only would it be covered in blue, it would tickle!

Will my clothes and running shoes be ruined?
Most of the color will dissipate after the event. We advise to wear items that you would enjoy being all colored up!

What happens if I get the color powder in my mouth or eyes?
The powder that is used at the Cincinnati Color Palooza is basically food grade cornstarch and is 100% natural and safe. As with anything, you will want to avoid from getting the powder in your eyes or mouth.

Is there a way to get clean after the Color Countdown?
There will be a blow dryer to clean you at the finish line if you like, however, people will choose to keep their happiness on and go about their day. After a good brushing off you will not be completely returned to normal, however you will be able to drive home with having the cops called on you for mistaken identity as the Incredible Hulk.

Will my camera or phone be safe in the color areas?
Our If you stay back around 20 feet, then you are fine, but if you want to get in the middle of the rainbow, then you might consider covering your camera with plastic wrap.

Is the Color Palooza timed?
Nope! Have fun! Let your color shine!

How does the Color Palooza Countdown work?
At the end of the rainbow we countdown from ten and a crowd of finishers will be launching their color packets creating a fantastic mushroom of color. You receive a bag of color with your registration and there will be more for sale at the event.

Can I get a refund?
We are unable to issue refunds due to the scope of setting up the event. If a leprechaun invites you to Ireland the day of the race and you have already preregistered, just send a friend to pick up your Color Palooza gear.

What do I do after the Color Palooza?
The Party Just Got Started!! After getting turned into a walking work of art, head just down the street and share your color at Sawyer Point where beer, live music and family activities will continue into the evening. For more information CLICK HERE.

If you have a question that is unanswered, please call us at 614-873-0231 or send us an email to support@cincinnaticolorpalooza.com.